UV Gel Light 36 watts

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3.00 LBS
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One of the best seller UV light nail dryer model ever created in the market.
The ThermaJet 425 has a long proven record for its powerful curing capability, durability, space saving, and ease of use. Superior features of this design includes:
* Dome-shaped curing chamber for retaining high curing UV light intensity.
* Four 9-watt compact UV lights strategically positioned to maximize curing.
* Built-in 5-minute timer for automatic operation.
* Heavy duty housing.
Additional improvements are made to incorporate manual mode of operation into the unit for slow curing gel or topcoat. A detached power cord for ease of handling, moving, or servicing.
Two modes of operation:
Manual: For slow curing gel. Light unit will be permanently on until manually turn off.
Automatic: For standard curing period of 5 minutes. Light unit will turn off automatically in 5 minutes.

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